Trent Ward is the founder and CEO of Forme (, the producer of two smart mirrors — Forme Studio and Forme Lift — that compete with brands like Mirror and Tonal.

What makes Forme different? For starters, in its creation, aesthetics were as important as functionality. (Seriously, how many fitness mirrors do you see get covered in magazines about architecture?)

Also, the Forme hardware is 68 inches, which is larger than either Mirror or Tonal. Plus, Forme’s mirrors feature a 4K screen that’s useful if you spring for the live coaching feature.

Want resistance training? Go for the Forme Lift ($5,995); you’ll have access to 200 pounds of total resistance. If you want the Studio — aka no arms for resistance training — you’ll spend about $2,500.

So yeah, it’s pricey.

See what Ward says sets his product apart from other smart mirrors and what early mistakes he made as CEO.

Listen here:

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